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Our Strategy

A smarter approach to your marketing. In the education field, we know how crucial it is to get all the right information out to your intended audiences. That’s where our A+ advertising and creative skills come in. 

Be sure the right people are getting the right messages with our vast variety of services, including Digital Advertisements, Direct Mailers, 

Print Materials, and even Traditional Marketing practices. Each 

audience is different, so we’ll educate you on the best way to reach 

your desired results.


There is no limit to the information you can put in a booklet. Whether it’s information about classes, the school, campus, events, or pricing, booklets can have it all. Not only are we experts in graphic design, we are technical designers as well. We’ll make sure your information is told efficiently, creating a flow between information so it’s easy to read and remember. We offer special pricing, so be sure to utilize this effective and efficient advertising method.

Digital Marketing

College-age students spend an average of 8-10 hours each day on their phones. What better way to reach current, new, and potential students than with digital marketing?  We study the current trends so you don’t have to. In this rapidly-evolving world, trends are constantly changing. Let us do the work for you and reach your audiences in the most efficient ways possible.

Digital Ads
Whether you're looking to advertise for a specific class that needs signups, promote certain events, or posting updates for the college itself, digital ads are effective and efficient for getting your information out to your intended broad or specific audience.
Snapchat Ads & Filters
77% of college students use snapchat daily. Connect with your current students and reach new ones using one of the platforms they use most! With branded Snapchat filters or targeted ads, you are guaranteed to reach your audience.
When searching for universities, programs, and internships, LinkedIn is one of the top resources for potential and current students, as well as alumni. With its focus on professional organizations and institutions, it can drive website visits and enrollment for programs.
Direct Mailers

The subject of direct mailers is simple: get the right information directly in front of your target audience. With simple, classy designs supported by the right information, they are subject to great returns-on-investment and are cost-efficient. 


In fact, 64% of people who purchase college tuition took action because of an ad or coupon they received as direct mail.

Traditional Marketing

We’re the brains behind traditional marketing. Billboard placement and indoor/outdoor signage is everything when it comes to getting attention. Get more students and keep everyone informed of campus updates, events, and more with eye-catching designs, placed in carefully-chosen areas to get the attention of your audience.