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A Smarter Approach
to Your Marketing

In the education field, targeting potential students and parents before they make their decision is critical. That’s where our A+ marketing and creative skills come in! Our campaigns find and speak directly to your intended audience, focusing on what they need from an institution like yours.

We’ll work with you to customize a plan and develop a consistent brand message that markets you across Digital, Social, Traditional and Print Platforms for a comprehensive campaign that yields results.

Digital Advertising

A good Digital Advertising plan is the key to results. When you opt for Plan A – we’ll monitor, analyze, and report our findings to consistently improve your results. Expect a comprehensive Digital Advertising plan that includes a mix of:

Search & Display Ads





Digital Advertising
Keeping Students Engaged on Social Media

College-age students spend an average of 8-10 hours each day on their phones, so what better way to reach current, new, and potential students than with Social Media Marketing?

We study the trends so that you don’t have to! We’ll develop a consistent brand identity to use across all platforms and engage with your intended audience in ways that are most effective. From Ad placement to target your desired demographic to branded Snapchat filters, TikTok ideas, and content creation to further expand your online presence.

Keeping Students Informed

Brochures and Booklets are a great way to spread campus information to current and potential students. From school statistics and course catalogs to campus events and maps – our team of designers will create branded print materials that combine engaging designs with concise messaging to ensure effective delivery of your important information. In addition, our strong relationships with local printers allows us to offer special pricing to help make the most out of your print efforts.

Community College Direct Mailer
Direct Mail

Did you know 64% of people who purchase college tuition took action because of an ad they received by mail? This proven tool is cost-effective and has a great return on investment! And with Plan A, you’ll work with a team that has extensive experience and a trusted strategy to put you directly in front of your target audience with designs that convert.

Outdoor Marketing

Billboard placement and indoor/outdoor signage is crucial when it comes to getting attention. Our eye-catching designs, placed in carefully-chosen areas will be sure to draw in students and promote campus updates and events.